Life is full of color and most times we want the vivid colors of the world around us to be reflected in our photographs. The margin line between a good photographer and an amateur is the skill, angle and most importantly, the gear.
This is not to say that buying expensive gear will make you a professional at once. Like any other craft, photography has to be improved. Great photographs come with understanding the camera gear as well as finding your own unique ‘eye’.
For high resolution, professional and saturated daylight color, Fujichrome Velvia is the best color reversal film on the market. It produces rich color tones in your pictures, processes a wide range of exposure and depicts a more accurate color reproduction.
The white balance in most digital cameras and films tend to give an inaccurate depiction of color. In order to shoot high definition photography, you always want the photograph to reflect life as it is. This is why film and color balance is very important.
Whether you are just starting out and don’t want to spend a lot, or are simply being economical, you can get the Fujifilm Fujichrome Velvia for affordable prices around $20 to $40 when you buy Fujifilm Hong Kong.
As a photographer, lighting is your best friend. In the case of high definition color photographs, Sunlight is best for your imagery. Even so, you will have to know which angle to place yourself in the sun.
When shooting a high color definition image, like marketing photos for women designer clothing online, you may want to have your back against the sun to shoot the image. This will bring out the vibrancy of image whereas if you shoot in the direction of the sun, your image will be darkened because it will be hard to achieve white balance when competing with a force such as the sun.
So what happens if the image you want to shoot requires you to face the sun? For this you will need good ISO speed and exposure. Fujichrome Velvia has a push and pull processing for a range of exposures, therefore the film can allow you to capture an image with sunlight in its background and still give your image accurate pigmentation.
This is the most important step. Without taking the picture, you will never have your high definition color picture. Hold your camera in a tight grip or set it on a tripod, then snap the picture. Depending on the type you want, simply click to get the image as you would on a shoot and go camera, or you can allow your finger to press the button and linger on it for a longer exposure.
Buying the right gear will make it so much easier to get the perfect coloring in your photographs. For an affordable set, buy Fujifilm in Hong Kong and access accompanying photography gear as well.