EUS – What Should You Be Expecting?

You might have heard of ultrasounds: they are a medical procedure which involves the usage of high-frequency waves in order to observe a specific internal organ through the construction of a sonogram (i.e. a ‘sound image’). The term usually comes in relation to pregnancy, as ultrasounds are the primary method through which the status of the baby is examined. Of course, that is not to say that ultrasounds are not used for other purposes – as was stated previously, they can also observe internal organs. Likewise, you might also have heard of the ‘endoscopy’ – this is another medical process which involves the use of an endoscope, a long, tubular instrument that lets a doctor see the internal organs of a patient. Endoscopies are frequently used to find issues with the digestive system, but they are used to find anomalies in the respiratory system and other areas of the body. When the above processes are combined, you get the procedure known as EUS. 

EUS stands for an endoscopic ultrasound, and it is basically, as you would expect, an endoscopy aided by an ultrasound. This medical process is generally performed to find tumours and other cancerous growths, again, most usually in the digestive system (i.e. the small and large intestines, the pancreas, etc.). Other medical issues that commonly require the EUS procedure are pancreatitis, faecal incontinence and nodules in the digestive tract. The process has the endoscope additionally fitted with an ultrasound device, which enables the doctor to obtain much higher quality images of the internal organs (as opposed to performing either of the individual processes alone).  

As a patient, you should know that whilst scary, an endoscopic ultrasound is relatively harmless. You will be sedated prior to the procedure, and the endoscope will be inserted into your body either through your mouth via a capsule endoscopy or anus. The camera and ultrasound device on the endoscope will allow your doctor to view images of your internal organs on a TV in the room (this is the image produced by the camera) and a separate ultrasound monitor (this is produced by the ultrasound device). Additionally, biopsies may also be taken for further examination. The entire procedure lasts about an hour, the shortest being half an hour and the longest being usually one hour and a half. 

Once you are done with the exam, you will be expected to remain in the hospital or other clinical facility for another hour or two – this is to wear off the effects of the sedative you were administered. The doctor, or even a nurse, will come once again to check you in order to make sure there are no abnormalities; after this, you can safely head home. As for any potential side effects of EUS, you might experience a sore throat for a few days if the endoscope was inserted through your mouth. 

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Training At A Different Level

A body in shape wins the game. Living up to this is however not that easy. It is possible with a lot of time and dedication. The world today focuses so much on outer appearance. This is common for both men and women. So much judgment is based on how you look and present yourself. In order to bring yourself up with confidence, you need to be comfortable in your own skin. No amount of makeup or alterations could hide a body gone out of shape. It should start from within you with the necessary procedures. 

Pilates one on one Hong Kong are a common form of physical activity to obtain a near to perfect body. Physical exercises come in various forms such as cardio, aerobics etc. All these provide the basic fitness element of toning the muscles in the body. This in turn makes yourself active. You tend to be more in the game when you are in great shape. The newly found confidence shows up in your face. You are the most sought after face in town. How does that sound? It’s amazing, isn’t it? So get yourself in to the rhythm and start working out right now. 

There are many gyms and training opportunities in many leading cities. You can sign up for a decent package and get exposed to world class trainers and equipment. What more, you get feedback from the pros itself. You need to be honest to yourself. You must feel that you are about to achieve something great. 

Gyms have all the facilities required for your work out sessions. The state of the art equipment enables you to get going in real pace right from the beginning. You will feel like James Bond yourself. All facilities have individual instructors for private classes and a common instructor who gives individual attention in group classes. There is a maximum number of students taken per group and any more than that is not allowed together. Thus maintaining the standard of training and instructing. You can sign up for a member at the gym where you get a waive off for the trainings. There is also an option to pay the monthly fee and be a part of the training only. Membership allows many advantages including the use of equipment at any time other than training sessions. You can also schedule your programs according to your free time. Meet up with the trainers to discuss on your work out plan. Better yet sign up for a membership today and get amazing offers. 

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