Latest Email Management Solutions

As our lives get entangled even more in technological conveniences, your inbox might end up as something that you dread to see in the morning, then you might be having an issue of managing your emails efficiently. While this is sometimes an issue that most of us end up facing, with proper precautions in place your inbox will not haunt you in nightmares.

Microsoft Outlook

The traditional giant is still the most used email program in the current 21st century. It comes in Windows phones (Microsoft OS) and Samsung and other Android run phones. The best part about Outlook is that it is free and its’ interface is something that we are used to seeing and are comfortable moving about in. This is the best of mobile apps for CEO positions as the emails, contacts, account information and other details can be synced across multiple platforms, and devices and this amalgamation of information will enable you to access it from anywhere at any time without any hassle. And with the new update of Windows, you can incorporate different email accounts such as Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Office 365 into the same software.


Popular due to its easy interface and easy incorporation of other accounts into the same software, this is currently ranked as the most user friendly of mobile apps for CEO and other users. Gmail comes as the default email service for Android run devices. Gmail is ranked first in user friendliness due to its multiple and numerous tools for handling email and other documents in the portable device. There are filters which are equivalent to Outlook’s rules, that can auto filter, schedule emails, arrange emails in different folders and such different mail handling tricks. With Gmail you can automatically upload content from other google programs such as docs, sheets, drive, forms, slides ad sites and open the documents and start editing them on your portable device itself, check this best management dashboard apps.


Apart from the iCloud that comes default on iPhones, Dispatch is another new iOS run portable device program that enables its user to arrange their email according to their wishes or send it off onto another portable device or program. Dispatch has IMAP enabled but it does not support POP email accounts and such, can be a bit of an inconvenience to some who want their accounts all joined.

There are multiple different programs created for the different platforms that run on different devices (although currently they are limited to three major operating systems) such as Inbox (the other Android email program), Mailbox for both Android and iOS, Cloud Magic for Android and iOS, and Boxer for iOS.