New Trends In Water Sports

In this day and age, life in general is being followed with mountainous amount of work to complete and very little time to relax to overcome stress. Hence, it becomes important to look for avenues to reduce the monotony and strain arising from the day’s rigmarole. There are many options available of which, water sports is an exciting, adventurous and an emerging area around the world.

Of all the water sports available such as swimming, surfing, diving, water rafting, water aerobics are the popular ones. However, a new line of adventure sport has emerged with little to no information available related to it.

It is called Wakeboarding –In simple terms, it is a water sport of riding a wakeboard that tows behind a boat.
This sport has many origins but the credit of its popularity rests with Australians and New Zealanders. Its name too changed over time and currently the association that promotes the sport is called International Waterski Federation, since 2009.

The boards used for the sport are made of foam or wood mixed with resin coated with fiberglass. This helps achieve maximum buoyancy (ability to float) for the rider. For best results the rider’s weight, comfort and the kinds of tricks a sportsman decides to perform, speed of the board, make etcetera are taken into consideration before a board is chosen. For example, shallow fins help better perform the surface tricks. The sport is mostly performed along the lakes while these days even the inter-coastal water ways are a popular destination for taking part in the sport.

It is a competitive sport these days with both men and women participating with enthusiasm. It has been included in the world games since 2005 and Austalian Amber Wing was the first woman to have landed a toeside and front side for the first time.

It is being promoted around the world as is an exciting opportunity for travelers around the world to experience the sport. There are many countries that offer the rides for new riders as well as the more experienced riders.

Nevertheless as an outdoor sport, it offers many advantages. Along with being in the water (although not completely underwater), it relaxes the mind and body of the rider along with refreshing the body, it also sends the energy to the core of the body, relaxing both body and mind. It removes tension in the muscles along with giving the rider the required push to enjoy the water ride.
It is however advised that new riders gain some experience from the more trained riders before they venture into trying the sport. As they say, practice makes perfect, the more experience the rider gains helps him or her perform many tricks and even gain experience in the sport.