Tips To Seeking Redress Under Arrests

You buy a product from a shop and they provide a warranty up to an year but even before you use it for less than three months the product stops working in the same way. you reach out to the seller expecting a replacement as they mentioned but they are claiming that it’s due to wrong usage of the product when you are on hundred present sure that it’s not your fault but a malfunction in the product itself. What will you do? In this matter, you will first have to find the receipts, warranty cards that are provided by the vendor itself and first attempt to negotiate the matter with them but if they still continue to reject it, then the way you can seek redress as a consumer is to walk in to the consumers association dealing in promoting fair trade.  

These authorities will inspect evidence, look into the matter and then give verdict to the vendor to either replace the product, fully refund the cash and if they failed to do any of these at the first notice they will also be charged a fine along with a penalty charge for not adhering to the government rules and regulations. If the vendors still don’t seem to pay attention, they can get an arrest lawyer to go to the vendor with a warrant and note to confiscate all the products in the shop along with their cash registries.  

Similarly, if the product was actually broken as a fault of the customers and if the vendor was arrested without proper prior inspection, then the seller also has the right to seek redress against unlawful arrest. Even the magistrates and judges giving court orders can be misled by major political influences and at such times if an innocent party is arrested with no evidence, the party being unlawfully arrested could file a case not only for shaming his or her character but also for the unrest created in his life with this. A bribery corruption lawyer once stated an instance where a person bribing the official to arrest an innocent party wholly with the purpose of tarnishing the image of the person arrested. 

If the innocent party has enough evidence for such wrongful arrest, they can always file a case for arrest matter plus another for bribing but if sufficient evidence is not available, it’s best not to go ahead for legal actions which will only get them in more trouble. These are some of the situations where parties can seek redress against any arrests that are against the actual will, truth and evidence. 

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