What To Buy A Young Niece Or Nephew On A Special Occasion?

We are firm believers to the fact that gift giving, and gift selecting is a form of art. It’s a skill that can be learnt, or at the very least, imitated. But the moment you feel you’re finally mastering the skill, life tends to send in newer gift recipients; bringing forwards the need to hone your skills again. If a nephew or niece is new to your list of gift receivers, and if you haven’t yet figured out the perfect gift for them for a special occasion, then perhaps the bellow suggestions might help you out…

  • Personalized clothes – if your niece or nephew is very young, then buying clothes for them can definitely be fun. Especially because they won’t be old enough to read what they’re wearing! Most sites that sell baby products online will have options for personalizing clothing (especially toddler clothes), or at least have options that you can find satisfying. Do a little hunting to find that perfect dress or t-shirt to match the occasion.
  • Personalized jewelry – most parents don’t like to accessorize their children with jewelry, especially precious jewelry. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get it for them. Engraved bracelets, Lockets and pendants make lovely gifts; and can be worn when the child is a little older and more responsible!
  • Intelligent toys – toys definitely have to be an option if you’re gift shopping for children. But it’s important that you are mindful of the toy when buying it. The child’s age definitely plays a part when making your choice. Try and get intelligent toys that will help them with their cognitive skills, vocabulary, or even enhance their imagination. If they are old enough, book collections (that you’ve read and enjoyed as a child) too can make lovely gifts; especially if they are interested in reading.
  • Things that cater their interests and hobbies – for older children, it’s always wise trying to get a gift that caters to their hobbies or their interest; especially if it’s to be a gift for a special occasion or a reward for an accomplishment. Just like you can find a suitable baby products online shopping for younger kids, you can find gifts that are more suitable for older kids online too. The important thing here is finding out their interest and hobbies. This can be a little tricky if your niece or nephew isn’t very vocal about them.
  • DIYed gifts – DIYed gifts are always fun, for both the gift receiver and the gift giver. And DIYing has so many different options. From clothes, to toys to even furniture, you can let your imagination loose when selecting your gift. The only thing you’d have to remember here is to keep it age appropriate, and once again, catering to their interests.

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